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Our investors and professional officers have been worked in exchange program since 2006 with many U.S sponsors and employers. We also provide immigration consulting service since 2009. The our team has worked in exchange program and immigrant consulting more than 10 years and success in thousand cases. 

"AEC USA, LLC" has been established as Limited liability company; human resource consulting, immigrant consulting, international staff consulting, visa consulting and exchange program consulting for Asia countries and United States. We gather our professional officers and staffs as on purpose of giving the best servicing all clients.  


Our office locates in USA, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Furthermore, we service U.S employers on recruiting the international staffs. We have been assisted U.S employers and Asia employers to hire the qualified staffs and professional staffs with high retention rate successfully.  

We also assist many investors to invest in U.S business and consulting for immigrant permanent resident opportunity. 

In 2015, we implement the online high-security base for our best service for our clients to access and apply from anywhere around the world.  

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